Goodwin is a small eco agency to help promote great things and good actions. As marketers, we believe in power of words and communications. We used to create variety of brand messages, letting hundreds of thousands of consumers adhere to USP and buy from our clients.  As nature admirers and animal right activists, we want to work with a meaning. To stand for what we believe in, and to act within our moral values. To support the right thing and spread the right message. To share with our clients the same vision - protecting life by promoting greener, sustainable and ethical consumer choices. 

Because a better tomorrow starts with the conscious today.

"Good causes" PR

We bind environmental & ethical education into our content stategy and social media campaigns - by building community, raising awareness and driving actions.

Zero-waste promotions

Whether in print or online, your advertising doesn't have to abuse resources and leave tons of waste behind. Let us find the greenest way to bring you return on investment.

Earth-friendly design

We nurture the use of non-toxic, environmentally friendly methods in technology & creative design, making even recycled materials look luxurious.

The only thing we don't do is greenwashing.

But you can count on us with all the following:

  • Product development
  • Research & positioning
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Organic PR
  • Brand/domain naming
  • Graphic design
  • Branding & CI
  • UX & webdesign
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Events
  • Sustainability workshops

Goodwin supports those who play fair.

Regardless of labels and certificates, we are happy to support companies who take responsibilities and fully pursue the cradle to cradle approach. Those who believe that final products, offers and deals have to be of benefit to all the parties involved - from stakeholders and direct consumers to those who often stay not counted into the lifecycle: endangered polar bears or little girls in Bangladesh sweatshops.

Let your eco voice be heard

Proudly presenting our own media channels aimed to educate, inspire, motivate and build communities - for a good reason. Here we share knowledge and learn from our readers. Here we move the things forward, together.


Online magazine mapping the way back to natural for generations Y and Z: through healthy lifestyle to ethical consumer choices, reduced carbon footprint and respect to all living beings. Because what destroys nature destroys ourselves, go eco not ego.

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Bringing back the real meaning of Christmas to those who hate hassle, waste and consumerism. We share ethical and ecological gift ideas, plant-based recipes, DIY projects and green holiday tips.

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Communicating green issues efficiently

  • Smart formats

    We created a playful way to educate community about eco fashion and sustainable vegan fabrics. "My green closet" is a free giveaway booklet in a pocket format. Printed on recycled paper using just 2 colours, with minimum material leftovers and maximum end-user engagement, it proves that less is definitely more.

  • Branding with a soul

    We give ethically-minded & green startups their unique face, clear voice and strong charisma. Everything needed to become not only recognisable, but a true love-mark. For Gaea, a responsible vendeur of cruelty free household and cosmetic products, we created the brand strategy and corporate identity according to their archetype, the Caregiver.

  • Sustainable textiles

    Lovely and useful promo gifts and giveaways come on natural materials - bags, t-shirts or hoodies made from bamboo or organic cotton, printed with eco inks, made with renewable energies and good mood. GOTS certified.

  • Attractive webdesign

    Eye-catchy landing pages, e-shops, magazines or blogs, we select the most natural method to reach different target groups, showcase good products, deliver the message in a user and eco friendly way.

  • Guerilla social campaigns

    How to get the most of Xmas atmosphere and create something unique with the minimum budget? Meet free Facebook album functionality, transformed to serve the users inspiring Advent calendar full of ethical gifts and surprises.

  • Vivid infographics

    Visually pleasing content is the right tool to get the important facts directly to the community, create buzz and spread the message. ("Ethical shopper checklist" online infographics)

  • Product photography

    Using a product for the first time unleashes its hidden potential, true character and spirit. We set the mood and style to bring the sensual experience to life and inspire users to discover new goods and create their own story. (Photoshoot for Sun&Seed raw nut spreads)

  • Creative concepts

    "Chick in need" (Slepice v nouzi) is a great initiative to save chicken from battery cage farms and find them happy adoptive families with backyards and sunny lawns. We supported the project with volunteer creative work and free media coverage.

Let us tell you a secret

The true essense of our good work is integrity with our inner beliefs. A kind of “zentitude” of heading to the right direction, each project at a time. A possibility to run the business in a zero waste minimalistic eco friendly manner while planting tomatoes in the rooftop garden or sharing knowledge in co-working spaces. In synergy with trusted partners, motivated colleagues and engaged community. While living the real life and staying focused to the real objectives.

Our internal power supply is the momentum of fully giving ourselves without losing our souls. That's our eternal source of devotion and self-motivation.

Goodwin is you and me

"One ordinary day as a creative in advertising agency, I realised we actually destroy the world at all the levels: as a seller, a buyer, a dealer, a manufacturer, a cargo driver, or somebody who just wrote that catchy headline for canned tuna fish or designed that polystyrene packaging. Every time, at every level we make decisions. But as we are all linked in this vicious chain, it's up to every each of us to disrupt the pattern. Big or small, we all have superpower: ability to think."

Goodwin was dreamed, sketched, born and raised by Viktoria Dobrobabenko - brand consultant, visual designer, content strategist and blogger, plant-based food evangelist, treehugger and nature worshipper.

Having spent more than 8 years in marketing and ecommerce, helping big brands to become more robust, spinning in global corporate machines where speechless user ID's generate green numbers and positive company image, she started to head in the opposite direction. Towards real users - with names and desires, with green being not the seasonal trend or buzzword - but the only way of being. With positive vibes of giving back and returning to the roots.

The idea behind Goodwin is establishing connection between like-minded businesses and growing power of ethical shoppers. Creating the dialog between consumers and suppliers for problem-solving and win win. Bringing together industry experts around sustainability issues. And utilising marketing know-how to serve the good purpose.

Let's do good together